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Christian Albers mail an Dr. Javier Solana, former head of "NATO" - illegal transnational corporate organizations like NATO, the European Union (EU), the BIZ, the FED and „USA“

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Hallo Stefan,
meine untenstehende Email an Nato und deren ehem. Sekretär Javier Solana sollte am besten auch veröffentlicht werden, bitte. Gerne mit all den Email-Adressen, damit die Leute sehen, daß dies real und kein Spass ist.
Danke und Gruß,

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Gesendet: Sonntag, 13. Mai 2018, 13:13:22 MESZ
Betreff: Immediate dissolution of criminal, illegal NATO-organization & all other "New World Order" organizations required by World Bank's lawyer Karen Hudes

To: Dr. Javier Solana, former head of "NATO"

Dear Dr. Javier Solana,

my name is Christian Bernd Alber and I am writing to you from Saalfeld/Saale, Germany.

I just wanted to let you know that by officially approving and working with illegal transnational corporate organizations like NATO, the European Union (EU), the BIZ, the FED and „USA“, you as a public official have been heavily violating our civil and human rights day in and day out since you took office as public servant and later as head of criminal NATO.

Even worse, you have heavily violated the Bretton Woods Agreement, according to World Bank lawyer Karen Hudes. Mrs. Hudes, who has been in charge of the World Bank's Global Currency Reset and a number of other related things for nearly a decade.
Your many violations not only include our German rights, but also that of many war zone victims that your criminal and fully illegal militant organization has managed to attack and kill. Apart from that you have certainly also been violating and overgoing the rights and privacy matters of your Spanish' speaking people,too. In your latest role as "distinguished professor" and "chairman" with Universities in Spain and elsewhere as well as with "think tanks" like "Aspen Institute" and "Brookings Institution", you really demonstrate and officially ridicule the Bretton Woods Agreements and your appreciation for Human Rights and the well being of this world in general.
People like you actually deserve life long jail sentence, if not capital punishment! This is my opinion, of you want to hear the truth.
Certainly, we German people never voted and approved you as NATO official, we never even approved the illegal NATO terrorist organization at all, nor did we ever vote or approve the illegal European Union, we never even approved the Euro, we never even approved German weapons deliveries to all kinds of dictators and fake "governments" worldwide including "USA Corp" and "Israel Corp". Such terrorist acts have been done by constitutional gangsters and criminals like Hennoch Kohn, Angela Merkel and a number of other European and German CIA-Nato gangsters who all – just like you yourself – have been working as secrat political agents for the Rothschild/Rockefeller banksters.
In fact, all of these above listed illegal organizations have gotten implemented to keep our individual nations, including us Germans, somehow suppressed.
Please think about my words that and start to regret your wrong doing.  Whatever you throw into this world - no matter which action - comes back to you.

What I am writing to you here basically represents at least half of Germany, if not more! If you don't believe me, then please come here and talk to normal Germans like myself. You find my address below, so you may come and visit me and we can talk here in a bigger round together with all my neighbours and friends around who see it just like myself.
You might also remember that the Allies and their various ambassadors (Richard Burt, John Christian Kornblum, Ernst Matscheko, the  Russian Foreign Ministry, etc.) had implemented Dr. Wolfgang Ebel as new Reichs-Chancellor in 1985 and then dissolved the "Federal Republic of Germany" fake corporation on the Paris Conference on 17.7.1990 by deleting Art. 23 Grundgesetz (Basic Law).
This means, that you as NATO official have consciously been working with the wrong and at the same time worst of all criminals of the world, even though you must have been aware of the Allies, foremost General Eisenhower's Control Council Laws (valid until 2099) as well as the Bretton Woods Agreement that applies to the world including to Germany.
If you do not believe me regarding these political claims, please watch the excellent documentary on the German Reichschancellor Dr. Wolfgang Ebel (who actually died in Dec. 2014): der amtierende Reichskanzler - Dokumentarfilm (2003)

We are now for sure (- meaning de jure -) in the IInd German Reich (Deutsches Reich) over here, and the usurpators and fake powers such as BRD, EU, ECB, FED, BIZ, NATO, etc. have all lost all responsibility and legitimacy for our nation, lands, for Europe and for this world in general.
All German "politicians" in Berlin have become nothing more than criminal theatre players that have not been working for the German people but solely for the criminal banks/banksters Rothschild-Rockefeller. Are you not aware of that?
As a further proof and source I have to recommend to you the interviews of the World Bank and it's lawyer in charge, Mrs. Karen Hudes, who - as said -has been in charge of the Bretton Woods Agreement's realization including the reorganization of the world's wealth for nearly a decade by now. It's a shame that you probably never got in touch with her so far. Her personal website is: kahudes and you may contact her over twitter: Karen Hudes (@KarenHudes) | Twitter , youtube (just type in Karen Hudes, World Bank and you'll find her weekly interviews and speeches) and many other ways.

I seriously ask you at this place to either finally show insight and follow our German will as well as Mrs. Hudes recommendations and orders, or you will sooner or later be charged with treason and conspiracy against the world - not only by her and by her group - but also by private individuals like myself: 
Karen Hudes' recommendations and orders certainly also apply to your criminal Aspen and Brookings Institutions and your Spanish Universities where you supposedly "teach" about all of this wrong-doing as well.

Let me repeat at this place that it is now your final chance to change your path and to regret your many wrong doings or certainly face at least major legal consequences.
We are all looking forward to see a change in your personal attitude towards us and to the world.

Best regards,

Christian Bernd Alber

c/o Woehlsdorf 3
[07318] Saalfeld, Germany

- Attachment on the political changes in Germany that you have somehow missed

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