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“Greater Israel”: The Zionist Plan for the Middle East / Putin once a KGB-Officer / Ursula Haverbeck face jail under Putin

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----- Forwarded Message -----From: Old Fritz <>To: Dagmar Brenne <> Sent: Wednesday, 16 May 2018, 13:04Subject: Is Netanyahu getting his way? - Re: Aw: Netanyahu has got Putin over the table

By giving the Saudis the S-400 air-defense system and not delivering the S-300 air-missiles to Syria, Putin has exposed himself as someone operating in a similar way like the Globalist Coalition. His action certainly is supporting the Greater Israel - Project of Netanyahu, who in the meantime gets also from Trump a free go to butcher more Palestinians in a true "Holocaust":

Putin once a KGB-Officer, always a KGB-Officer. The Russian Nationalists are imprisoned in Russia and people in Russia, like Ursula Haverbeck face jail under Putin, too. Putin has a problem with his communist past and he will not expose the truth about it, like this Russian is doing:

Nationalists are under threats under the part-Jewish Merkel-Pig in Germany and Nationalists under KGB-Putin are in jail. Time the People of Europe do something against this!

From: Dagmar Brenne <>
Sent: Tuesday, 15 May 2018, 19:00
Subject: Aw: Netanyahu has got Putin over the table

Hmmmm. I often think of the prophecies by Alois Irlmaier AND Siener von Remsburg who both predicted a three-pronged surprise attack by Russia on Europe. It will be a final catastrophy for Russia, just when we thought Russia represented all thing reasonable, good and peaceable.
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Betreff: Netanyahu has got Putin over the table
The day will come, at which Putin will realize, that the huge sacrifices the Russian people made, the price that the Soviet Army paid in the war with Nazi-Germany were in vain, because the USSR already disintegrated and another war is coming for them:
With the pyrhic military victory of the Red Army over Nazi-Germany and the disintegration of the USSR, Hitler is vindicated. 
The Kremlin has defended already the deal, to deliver the S-400 air-defense system to Saudi Arabia. However Russia has walked back from the plan to deliver S-300 missiles to Syria, after the Netanyahu Visit. Russia may be get isolated in the coming war and then it will have no one anymore to back them up in a war. It is possible that even Russia's Muslim population will turn against the Russian federation. There could be another Chechnya for Putin.

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